inspired by the majesty of nature

About Chad Linton

Inspired by the majesty of nature, a compulsion grew to capture and share some of the more wonderful moments I encountered. 

Little by little, striving to understand the medium of photography and improve. 

Photos start with exploring a place and noticing a detail that makes me pause and feel "wow", and working to capture 
that moment in a way that is meaningful to me.

Some of the photos I feel most proud of had some interesting weather attached to them, like hiking the Berg Lake trail in 
40+ celcius temperatures during a heat dome, or camping in freezing temperatures with 55kph winds in Garibaldi, but it is always worth it.

I'm slowly training myself physically and skill wise to venture further and capture interesting places, so I can share them with you, and I hope you enjoy them!

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Genuine moments, experienced

A prominent mountain peak covered in snow viewed bewteen two snow covered pine trees
Black and White, a snow covered mountain peak emphasising the sunlight and shadows
Snow covered mountain peak in the sun
Misty mountain peaks as the sun sets
Details and PrintsView from the summit of Mt St Helens down to the lava dome, covered in snow with steam venting

Mt St Helens Caldera

Details and PrintsA long mountain ridge, glow of the aurora in one corner and stars above it

Joffre Lakes Stars and Aurora

Details and PrintsA mountain cabin at night with an arm of the milky way above it

Tinhat Mountain

Details and PrintsA prominent mountain peak covered in snow with star trails above it, a 17 minute long exposure at night

You are Not Alone

Details and PrintsA night scene on a mountain, snow in the forground and ridges sloping into the night, snow lit by the moon

Silent Sea of Night

Details and PrintsAn intense and colorful sunrise over a lake, with golden trees in the mid ground and the trees and sunrise reflected in the lake, symetry.

Boya Lake, Sunrise

Details and PrintsA leaf bejeweled with raindrops

Leaf in Rain

Details and PrintsA rhododendron with rain drops

Rhododendron in the Rain


Fine Art prints are available from the gallery. All prints are printed on high quality 75lb photo paper for a nice substantial feel that will last a lifetime without discolouring. Special orders for large canvas or other specialty media is also available.

Prints are produced by me and mailed through standard mail with a protective sleeve inside the envelope. Shipping and taxes are inclusive in the price.